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Torey Filyaw, Palmetto Gas

“I would recommend EDP, and in fact have already recommended them to other companies. If someone is interested in selling, I would definitely suggest they look at EDP.”

Torey Filyaw
Palmetto Gas
Sumter, SC

Jim Harbert, Campora Propane

“I had known the Energy Distribution Partners team for several years and knew it would be the right company to continue Campora Propane’s 75-year legacy and carry on the brand. EDP was the right choice and today they are taking good care of both Campora’s customers and its employees.”

Jim Harbert
Campora Propane
Stockton, CA

Jeff Hynes, Kent Oil & Propane

“After narrowing it down to three companies, all with pretty much the same offer, I spent considerable time learning about all three. In fact, I called four former owners who sold to EDP and they all had nice things to say. I kept hearing about the support they received from EDP after the sale. That was a big thing for me.”

Jeff Hynes
Kent Oil & Propane
Nashville, Michigan
Randy Carmichael

Randy Carmichael, Carmichael Propane

“The EDP team bent over backwards to make me and my staff comfortable. They were discreet and confidential, and the whole process went very smoothly. Plus, my employees have transitioned well. I would recommend EDP to others.”

Randy Carmichael
Carmichael Propane
Walterboro, South Carolina
Jay and Shelli Sweede

Jay and Shelli Sweede, CC Propane

“We got comfortable selling to EDP by watching their local managers, and how the employees transacted business. Plus, EDP was professional and treated us with respect, even having CEO Tom Knauff answer several of our concerns. In fact, from top on down, EDP has shown to be a first-class operation. They were considerate from the initial contact through due diligence and closing. We’re glad CC Propane won’t just get folded into a bigger industry play, as a different partner might have done.”

Jay and Shelli Sweede
CC Propane
Wapakoneta, Ohio
Larry Brooke and Leah Henry

Larry Brooke and Leah Henry, Kitsap Propane / Jefferson Propane

“It’s been a wonderful pleasure working so tightly with EDP throughout this process. It’s not often in one’s life that being trusted and transparent results in mutually agreed upon and achieved goals. Very professional!”

Larry Brooke and Leah Henry
Kitsap Propane / Jefferson Propane
Kingston, Washington
Lud Seaman

Lud Seaman, Lyons LP Gas Company

“After more than 40 years in the industry, I transitioned my family business to EDP in 2016. I’d been approached by other suitors, but was most comfortable with EDP and their sense of maintaining Lyons’ smaller, hometown feel, including the company’s name. EDP was friendly and answered my concerns about how my employees and customers would be treated. I anticipated difficulties in negotiating and at closing, but it wasn’t that way at all. EDP was easy and cooperative to work with, and very forthcoming. Make sure you talk to EDP. I’d recommend them to anybody.”

Lud Seaman
Lyons LP Gas Company
Lyons, Ohio
Russ Head

Russ Head, Quality Propane

“Not only did I like the swift process of transitioning my business to EDP in 2014, I’ve stayed on and now serve as Director of Sales for all EDP operations. EDP addressed my desire to expand Quality Propane and my concerns about who would value what I’d built, my employees and my customers. They took a hands-on approach with a four-hour service ride-along, made a proposal within 30 days and had a reasonable due diligence process. Thanks in large part to EDP, I enjoy what I do. If I didn’t, I’d be gone tomorrow.”

Russ Head
Quality Propane
Burnsville, Minnesota
Steve Autore

Steve Autore, Autore Oil & Propane

“Over the years, several companies approached us about buying our business but we turned them all down. Last year, when we knew the time was right, we made the call to EDP. We had done our homework and knew that EDP would be the right partner. We’re glad we did. We share the same beliefs about building a strong culture, so it’s no surprise to me that EDP is taking good care of our employees, committed to exceptional customer service and continuing to support our involvement in the local community.”

Steve Autore
Autore Oil & Propane
Cedarville, Michigan
Steve Moore

Steve Moore, Expo Propane

“I made the right decision to merge with EDP in 2014. The transition to a new ownership structure has been smooth for our employees and seamless for our customers, plus EDP shares my committment to offering an exceptional level of service.”

Steve Moore
Expo Propane
Bellflower, CA

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