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Are you looking for a business partner?

Are you looking for a partner to acquire your propane business – someone who will enable your exit strategy and still preserve what you have built? At Energy Distribution Partners (EDP), we are seeking quality operators who understand the propane business, have hired good people and know how to serve propane customers. See what other successful business owners have to say click here

Anderson Propane Services

Local branding strategy

Our strategy is to acquire successful operations, retain the brand name, preserve local management and delegate to those in the local community. In turn, we support the operation with national access to secure propane supply and streamlined systems. This local branding strategy creates an attractive situation for local owner-operators.

The bottom line?

We offer propane business owners "peace of mind" as they transition their ownership to EDP. We are well-funded and offer flexibility of deal structure with the potential to increase after-tax returns for sellers. We have a long-term view of preserving the continuity of the business you have built – and we will be here for the long haul. So, when you decide to sell your propane company, you can rest assured that the propane business you built will be in good hands.

Are you a propane marketer or company owner looking to transition your business in a way
that will benefit you, your employees and your community?
If so, contact David Stroupe today at (312) 254-5954 or for a confidential conversation.
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