Are you looking for a partner to acquire your propane business? At EDP, we’ll enable your exit strategy and preserve the legacy you have built.

Energy Distribution Partners is seeking quality propane operators who understand the propane business, have hired good people and know how to serve propane customers. Since our inception in 2012 we’ve acquired more than 30 operations serving customers across 19 states, in both rural America and major metropolitan areas.

Local branding strategy

Our strategy is to acquire successful operations, retain the brand name, preserve local management and delegate to those in the local community. In turn, we support the operation with national access to secure propane supply and streamlined systems. This local branding strategy creates an attractive situation for local owner-operators.

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We’ll preserve your legacy

You’ve worked hard to develop a reputation as a trusted propane source for your customers. You care deeply because you’ve invested so much of yourself in building your company. We’ll preserve the legacy you’ve built by continuing to invest in the ongoing growth of the local business and remaining active in your local community.

We’ll take care of your people

At EDP, people are the key to our company’s success. That’s why we foster a culture that not only values people but also commits to maintaining an atmosphere of trust, goodwill and mutual respect. When we acquire your company, your employees will enjoy a workplace that embraces fairness and ensures growth opportunities. See what employees have to say about their experience joining EDP following a transaction.


We’ll provide a safe, positive customer experience

We’ll continue to provide your customers with an unwavering commitment to safety and quality of operations. You can’t put a price on safety, and we make safety our top priority. In fact, we put every single employee through the propane industry’s Certified Employee Training Program (CETP). As for customer service, we’re committed to providing an exceptional experience by customer service representatives who work in the local office, not a national call center.  We won’t disappoint you!

Meet Our Corporate Development Team

Dave Stroupe
Executive VP Corporate Development
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Daniel Dixon
VP Corporate Development
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Jeff Mayer
Corporate Development Manager
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Gena Vasbinder
Corporate Development Analyst
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Our Corporate Development team has deep experience in mergers and acquisitions, and has collectively completed more than 150 successful transactions. We know what’s important to sellers so we’ll walk you through all of the steps, answering every question as we go. We’ll also help you develop a creative structure for tax and estate planning advantages. In the end, it’s our goal to ensure you have peace of mind about our decision.

Sellers tell us they made the right call when they chose EDP. Here’s what Jeff Hynes of Kent Oil & Propane in Nashville, Michigan had to say about his experience selling to EDP:

“I don’t just hand out testimonials unless it’s really warranted. I was really dreading the acquisition process at the beginning but very thankful for the process at the end.”


Jeff Hynes – Kent Oil & Propane

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