Energy Distribution Partners (“EDP”) is a privately held retail propane and light fuels marketer. Our unique model maintains the name and quality of the businesses grown by those who partner with us. Our locally managed, locally branded model continues the tradition started by the owners and allows the company to continue to be an important part of the community.

Our Philosophy: Dedicated to Quality, Safety, Customers, and Employees

We are committed to managing top-quality operations that meet our customers’ needs. We place a high value on building customer relationships, practicing safety, being a good employer, and assuring supply for residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial users. We buy operations grown and run by operators dedicated to their employees and communities, and we maintain that dedication.

Our Operations: High Quality Propane Marketers

Our operations range from smaller propane businesses that were formerly family-owned to those with a $100 million-plus valuation. This presents a high quality, diverse portfolio across a wide geographic area.

In the end, our goal is always to benefit the business owners, their employees and their local communities. Our operations maintain an average of 4.3 stars on Google, which demonstrates a positive customer response to our focus on service.

Growth in the Retail Propane Sector

We seek additional opportunities in well-run, single- or multi-location retail propane operations. Are you a business owner? Learn what those who have partnered with us have to say!

Midstream Storage and Transportation — A Disciplined Approach

As part of our growth strategy at Energy Distribution Partners, we plan to diversify into the midstream energy storage and transportation business when the time is right. We are taking a thoughtful and disciplined approach to our diversification efforts. While ‘midstream’ can include a broad array of energy assets, our focus will be on storage assets and pipelines.

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